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Crittenton Services, Inc





(304) 242-7060

(304) 242-7076

2606 National Road, Wheeling, WV, USA

Primary Contact

Dr. Ashleigh Parker, DBH, MBA
President & CEO
Phone: (304) 242-7060 ext. 111

Secondary Contact

Jennifer Spencer, MPS, LSW
VP of Quality Management
Phone: (304) 242-7060 ex.113

Crittenton Services is a licensed, accredited behavioral health provider, offering community-based counseling throughout all West Virginia, through the agency’s Wellspring Family Services program.
Since 1895, Crittenton has provided residential care for girls and young women, specialized for those who are pregnant and/or parenting. The residential program welcomes clients from throughout West Virginia. It is the only licensed residential care facility in the state providing adolescent maternity care.

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