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Children’s Home of Wheeling, Inc.





(304) 233-2367

14 Orchard Road, Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Primary Contact

Jacquelyn Knight
Executive Director

Secondary Contact


The Children’s Home of Wheeling, Inc. was founded in 1870 as an orphanage to service the city’s youth. From 1870 until 1989, the organization provided services to males and females in need of residential placement. In 1989, the decision was made to concentrate our services on males.

Today, The Children’s Home of Wheeling, Inc. is a licensed behavioral health center that provides a safe haven and residential treatment for West Virginia’s adolescent males.

Youth are placed into treatment at The Children’s Home of Wheeling by the judicial system. They are removed from their home through the WV Department of Health and Human Resources due to becoming orphaned, substance abuse issues, abuse/neglect, or a parent’s inability to care for them.

These young men often come from dysfunctional family environments and have resulting moderate to severe adjustment difficulties in school, home, and in the community.

While in treatment at The Children’s Home of Wheeling they receive group and individual therapy focused around histories of abandonment, substance abuse, abuse/neglect, parenting concerns, poor self-esteem, depression, grief, and unhealthy peer relationships.

After the treatment period, a judge determines whether they can be re-unified with family, remain in residential treatment or will be placed into a foster home.

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